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The final service took place on Sunday October 8th 2006 and it was one of Thanksgiving for the life of the church and its witness to the community.
There has been a chapel in Wheddon Cross for nearly 200 years. In 1816 the first one was fitted up from an outhouse adjoining ‘a’John Kent’s house on the Taunton road, this is now known as Chapel Cottage. Prior to that, services were held in his home. Then in 1839 a new chapel known as the Centenary Chapel was built on the present site, which was replaced by another on the same site in 1893. (This information from ‘Methodists in West Somerset’ by A.G. Pointon). After the death of their uncle – Mr Wilfrid Norman 30 years ago, Leslie and Barbara Norman honouring a promise made to him to keep the chapel going as long as they could, took on the posts of Steward and Treasurer. When Mrs Nora Ovendon died Barbara also became organist. The congregation has waxed and waned over the years and earlier this year after an appeal for support/help which didn’t materialise, Leslie and Barbara felt they could no longer continue holding their positions. Reluctantly the decision was made to for the chapel to close. Rev. Linda Barriball and Rev Gareth Edwards led the service which was supported by so many from the West Somerset Circuit and further a field and St John’s Church.

It was a sad but joyful occasion too as we gave thanks for all those who had faithfully attended and served in the chapels over the past 190 years.

The collection amounted to £119.20 and was given to the Methodist Relief and Development Fund