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Notice of the Ordinary Council Meeting – Tuesday 17 September 2019 at 7.30 pm in the Moorland Hall

All Council Meetings are open to members of the public and the press

1. Public Question Time
2. Apologies for Absence
3. Declarations of interest
4. To approve the minutes of the ordinary meeting held on 16 July 2019, and any outstanding actions from the meeting
5. Reports from District and County Councillors
6. To consider Highways and transport matters, including
6.1 Long Lane
7. Planning Applications: - none received
7.1 To consider response to 5G Mobile Coverage in Rural Areas
7.2 To consider response to BT proposal to remove phonebox at Luckwell Bridge
7.3 Other Planning Matters
8. To receive update from Snowdrop Valley Committee and:
8.1 To approve the selection of a bus operator
8.2 To approve the proposed budget
9. Finance:
9.1 To consider report and recommendations from Finance Group
9.2 To consider recommendation from Finance Group regarding response to review into Local Government Audit
9.3 To agree to pay Water 2 Business £304.92 for Water supply to toilets 9 February to 13 August
9.4 To agree to pay Moorland Hall £11.25 for July room hire
9.5 To agree to pay Mrs N Kemp Clerks Salary £939.49 and expenses £56.60
9.6 To consider request for funding from Moorland Hall for roof
9.7 To consider request for annual grant from Exmoor Youth Club
10. To consider response to online consultation for proposed changes to Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service
11. Correspondence and meetings
11.1 Clerk’s report on correspondence received and meetings attended
11.2 Councillors’ report on correspondence received and meetings attended
12. Items for the next Agenda

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 15 October 2019


April 2019

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